We launched a new resource of Absolut-Stroy LLC. The resource is a LandingPage. On one page, we tried to put as much information as possible about the company and the services provided by the company in the supply of construction equipment, in par...


In an effort to make the company's website more convenient, more attractive to users, we decided to once again update the design of our website. The site is still adapted for mobile devices. A gallery of our work has now been added to all page...


Attackers send emails with an attachment in the form of a text file, when opened, the computer is attacked by viruses.

Компьютеры начали взламывать с помощью PDF-файлов 29.05.2022

We have updated the appearance of the site. The site itself is still adapted for mobile devices, but the work continues, if you notice any errors in the design or in the texts on the site, please inform us through the contact form on the site, vi...