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Writing, copywriting | KOSHcomp`s Agency

Writing texts

Writing text for the site is one of the main directions in creating a site. In addition to the design, color design of the resource, the visitor still pays attention to the text. It doesn't matter what it is. Text on the page, article or product characteristics. Don't underestimate the importance of text on your site. It is with the help of text that you convey information to your potential customers, it is with the help of text that you search for a resource on the Internet. Correctly composed text can often bring the site to the first position in the search.


"Copywriting is writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. These are texts that stimulate sales or popularize a product, company, service, person or idea ..."
That's what it says on Wikipedia. But before writing the correct, from the point of view of marketing, text, it is necessary to select words, keywords, which must be present in the body of the text, article. Moreover, the Text must be unique, ie. not just copied from another site, but yours, unique then your site will acquire individuality. There are resources that are created to help copywriters check their text for uniqueness. One of these sites is TEXT.tu "Anti-plagiarism"


Rewriting is the correction of the text in order to increase its uniqueness, attractiveness, increase the arguments that encourage action, etc. Rewriting a text is a more difficult task than writing a new one.

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