Today, computers and laptops have firmly entered our lives. Many cannot imagine life without a computer or laptop, without the Internet. There is no doubt that more and more people around the world use the computer not only for entertainment purposes - games, social networks, watching movies, etc. but also for solving everyday issues, from obtaining background information about a particular company or service, but also for contacting government agencies or processing the necessary documents.

Many programs have been developed for the convenience of users. The operating system is one of the programs designed to make it easier for users to communicate with a computer. Previously, for work it was necessary to know a lot of commands for the correct processing of information, now the operating system (hereinafter OS) does all this for the user. There are many OS:

In the process of working with a computer, it is necessary to install one or another software (hereinafter referred to as software). The speed of the computer depends on the correct operation of the OS and software. Incorrectly installed OS and software will not give the result that meets the user`s requirements.

Malfunctions of a computer, laptop or any other device using the software may depend on many factors:

If you wish, you can try to install the OS yourself. Additional information can be found in the article on our website "How to install Windows yourself?" No desire to "bother"? Contact the professionals in your field, order your computer service  or get a consultation online