A landing page or Landing page is the main or the only page where a visitor gets through newsletters, advertisements, from search engines or social networks, containing content stimulating the user to visit the site and get more detailed information about the company, product or brand. The purpose of the landing page is to increase the conversion of the main site or to attract the attention of your potential customers to a specific area of ​​your company's activities.

Today, often, many people take a landing page as a panacea in advertising their product and that the creation of a landing page (Single-Page) will solve all problems, they say, it will appear faster in the "Search" and it will be easier to bring it to the TOP.

I hasten to dispel this myth. Creating a landing page is by no means the easiest task. It is necessary to "shovel" a bunch of information, select the most necessary, finalize it to uniqueness, compress it, then place it on the resource, not forgetting that it must also be informative (give all the necessary information to the visitor). Not only that, it also attracts the user's attention, encourages them to take action (Order a call, submit an application, or go to the company's main website).

A site with multiple pages is easier to promote. Based on my experience in creating websites, I can say with confidence that a site with several pages, news, a blog is better perceived by search engines. I can’t explain why, but it seems that the “Search Engines” treat landings as sites with a short life, it makes no sense to constantly visit it, the information on the resource does not change, is not added. If you use the landing as the main page of the site, then this will increase interest in the resource, both from the "search engines" and from the users of the resource

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